Wall of Flame

They came . . . they played . . . but they were no match for our World Cup Champions, the Springboks. Three test matches later and our rugby heroes did it again, they won. For we continue to wear our green and gold colours with the utmost pride. WELL DONE MANNE!

If you took any pictures with your housemates or family members watching the games, in full spirit, and preferably around a braai, posted them in the comment section on Facebook or Instagram, you stood a chance to win a #CADACSA cooler box with a surprise inside as well as a feature on our CADAC Wall of Flame.

Congratulations to our winners below – your spirit was unmatched.


With Heritage Day here in South Africa, we are reminded of the rich diversity we have here in South Africa, with one consistency holding us all together. . . the gathering around a braai . . .

With #CultureShare, we wanted to create a platform where the term ‘rainbow nation’ can truly be seen.
In the comment section on Facebook and Instagram, we asked of you to share your braai pics and / or photos of the dishes, drinks and things that are unique to your family, your history and the influences in your life.
A braai is a braai but, what makes your flames different from the rest?
#LiveTheBraaiLife #CADACSA #CultureShareWithCADAC