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Safe braai on gas

How to use your gas braai safely? What type of gas cartridges can you use? Tips & Tricks for your gas braai!

Safe braai on gas

Quite a lot of people who are used to braaing with wood and charcoal are a little scared of using gas. As long as you stick to the safety rules, nothing can go wrong. In this blog we inform you on how to use gas braais safely, what type of gas facilities we offer and we give you some tips & tricks!

Gas bottle or gas cartridge?

CADAC camping braais work off gas. You have the choice between a refillable gas cylinder or a (disposable) gas cartridge. A refillable gas cylinder can of course contain more gas and therefore lasts longer. On the other hand, it is quite big and heavy, so it is not that portable.

If you have the space in your caravan or car and the weight does not matter, then a refillable gas cylinder is the choice for you!

If you have less space, you’d instead not take a heavy gas cylinder with you and choose for a more compact and lighter alternative. Gas cartridges offer the solution here. They are lightweight and you can throw them away after using them. Our camping braais can all be used with these gas cartridges. CADAC gas cartridges are fitted with standard type EN417 threaded self-sealing safety valve. You can unscrew them after use, even if they are not empty. If you want to braai again, simply screw the cartridge back on to your pressure regulator.

How long can you braai with a gas cartridge?

A frequently asked question is how long the braai will last on a gas cartridge or a gas cylinder. This depends on a number of things:

  • The type of gas cartridge or gas cylinder that you use.
  • The type of braai you use; a larger braai uses more gas than a smaller model, since they often have a larger gas burner with a more powerful flame.
  • Weather conditions; in cold weather, more gas is used than in warm weather; you will need more power (and therefore more gas).
  • The variable heat setting; grill on full gas, medium or on the lowest setting.

To give you an indication, in the table below you can check how long a braai works on average while using a gas cartridge or gas cylinder.

Safari ChefGrillo ChefCarri Chef
500g Gas cartridge4 hours3 hours2 hours
5kg Gas cylinder40 hours23 hours20 hours
9kg Gas cylinder77 hours46 hours37 hours

Tips & tricks

We have listed a number of tips for you:

  • Make sure your gas cylinder / gas cartridge is always upright.
  • Gas appliances require ventilation for proper operation; therefore only use your device outdoors.
  • Do a gas leak test before using your braai. This is very easy to do with soap and water: spread some soapy water on the couplings of the gas hose. If bubbles arise, there is a gas leak. If this happens, immediately turn off the gas supply on both the braai and the gas cylinder. Check the connections and do the gas leak test again. Do not use your braai if it is still leaking, and take your braai to your nearest CADAC dealer immediately.
  • Always close the gas supply of the gas cylinder first, and then the braai.
  • Use a Quick Release to (dis) connect your gas hose quickly and safely. With this handy connection you simply click the gas hose on / off your braai. The Quick Release is also available with a double coupling so that you can easily switch between multiple devices, such as patio heaters, cookers and outdoor kitchens.
  • Replace your gas pressure regulator every 5 years and the hose every 2 years!


If you still have questions after reading this article, then please contact our customer service. They are happy to help you!