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Roast Chicken with Vegetables
Yields1 ServingPrep Time10 minsCook Time40 mins

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Recommended CADAC cooking surface: Roast pan

Wash and dry the chicken.


Mix half of the salt and pepper and all of the sugar, lemon juice and chopped herbs together. Rub this mixture into the skin and cavity of the chicken. Set aside for as long as possible.


Toss the pumpkin with some of the remaining salt and cinnamon. Season the potatoes with the balance of the salt and pepper.


Heat up the Roast Pan on high heat for about 5 minutes / heat up oven dish. Brush the surface with oil. Place the chicken breast-side down in the centre of the pan / dish. Add the potatoes on the edge around the chicken. Cover with the lid / place in oven. Turn the heat down to medium and roast for 20 minutes.


Turn the chicken breast-side up and place the pumpkin pieces among the potatoes. Carry on roasting for another 40 minutes, or until the liquid runs clear when inserting a skewer into the thickest part of the breast. Turn the vegetables from time to time to prevent the pumpkin from burning.


Lift the chicken and vegetables out of the Roast Pan / oven dish while you make the gravy. Pour the cup of water into the Roast Pan / dish. Scrape the pan / dish a little to lift all the meats’ juices from the pan / dish.


Reduce until liquid has halved. Strain and serve with the chicken.
NB: Other vegetables such as zucchini and carrots can be added in towards the end.

Serves 4-6.

 1 whole chicken, no more than 1,5kg
 1 pinch of sugar
 2 tbsp salt
 1 tsp coarsely ground black pepper
 2 tbsp lemon juice, optional
 1 tablespoon each: thyme, rosemary, sage, finely chopped
 1 cup of water for gravy
 1 kg pumpkin, cut into 2cm thick pieces
 sprinkle of cinnamon
 1 kg potatoes, sliced into 1cm thick discs
 salt and pepper to taste
 1 tbsp oil