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Jalapeño corn fritters
Yields1 ServingPrep Time20 minsCook Time10 mins

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Prepare your braai for immediate use with a baking tray, plancha or skillet at 200–230°C


For the sauce, mix the sour cream with the chopped garlic, chopped parsley, some chipotle flakes and season with salt and pepper. Let this sit for a while.


For the fritters, mix the corn in a bowl (you can choose to keep it whole or cut it into smaller pieces), chopped jalapeño peppers, diced cheddar cheese and parsley.


Make the batter in another bowl. First mix the flour, corn flour, baking powder, sugar, pepper and salt until smoothens. Add the milk and mix until smooth. Finally add the egg and mix everything well.


Add the batter to the corn mixture and mix well with a wooden spoon.


Add a splash of Canola oil on your baking tray, plancha or skillet and let it heat up well.


Place mounds of the corn mixture on the plate, spreading it lightly into a flat, circular shape. Let these sizzle for about two minutes until they get a nice brown crust and then turn them over.


Remove the fritters from the barbecue and serve warm with the sour cream sauce.

Additional needs

2 mixing bowls, baking tray, plancha or skillet, spatula/burger flipper, wooden spoon, whisk.


TIP: Corn fritters originate from America and are an ideal (vegetarian) side dish. You can of course make many variations. Think of adding bacon cubes, bell pepper, spring onion, zucchini and so on.

 3 cans of 300 g corn
 2 Jalapeño peppers without seeds
 50 g cheddar cheese cut into cubes
 10 g chopped parsley
 65 g flour
 60 g corn flour
 7 g baking powder
 2 tsp sugar
 80 ml milk
 1 egg
 Canola oil
 salt and pepper
For the sauce
 1 jar of sour cream
 12 cloves of garlic
 10 g chopped parsley
 ½ tsp chipotle flakes
 salt and pepper