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  • 2-5 Years Guarantee
Returns & Refunds

1. Warranty, Return and Refunds policy

The provision of goods and services by Cadac is subject to availability. In cases where an order was successfully placed and stock was unavailable, Cadac will refund the client in full within 30 days.

Most Cadac products carry a 24-month warranty against material and manufacturing defect and will be repaired free of charge. A product under warranty will only be replaced if it cannot be repaired. Certain products carry a 12 month warranty only.

All Cadac products must be assembled, used and/or operated in accordance with the enclosed user manual. If in doubt the customer must contact a Cadac office for assistance or go to the Cadac website, look for FAQ or instruction videos.

1.1 Warranty claim procedure

  1. The consumer must produce proof of purchase for the item.
  2. The warranty will only apply if the unit is/was assembled and operated in accordance with the printed instructions/user manual.
  3. Products that are claimed to be leaking gas must be inspected by a CADAC employee. If no CADAC employee is on hand for inspection, the product should be kept aside and will be inspected within 3 working days for warranty defects. Credit will not be passed on overfilling of gas cylinders or where misuse has resulted in gas leaking.
    1. The same procedure will follow as in point 3 for products that are claimed to be faulty when in use with gas e.g. gas not coming through hose or stem. The product needs to be returned to Cadac or an appointed Cadac agent.
  4. The consumer may also complete a CADAC WARRANTY FORM to submit a warranty claim to CADAC. The form is available CLICK…PDF file…….
    1. Cadac will acknowledge receipt of a warranty claim within 2 working days and allocate a warranty number for traceability.
    2. Cadac will endeavour to send out all warranty replacement parts within 5 working days. If we cannot meet this you will be advised.
  5. Cadac will, at their discretion, replace any or all damaged and faulty parts covered under warranty. Cadac never replace the whole item when part replacement is appropriate.
  6. The above applies for missing parts or wrong parts in enclosed packaging.
  7. Faults and/or damages caused by abuse, incorrect assembly, incorrect use or mishandling by the customer are not covered by the warranty.
  8. CADAC will not pass credit on incomplete items – the complete product must be returned.